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About Us

Company Overview

Hurican Auto repair is a company built by the best auto repair experts in New Westminster. We are your one-stop-shop auto repair company for any automotive needs. Our company is located in New Westminster BC. We have catered to clients in the surrounding areas.

Our auto repair services include:

Suspension and lift kits, Wheels and Tires, Lighting and accessories, Brakes. Maintenance, Air conditioning, Drivetrain, Differentials and transfer cases, transmission  and engine diagnostics in New Westminster BC,  car inspection, car maintenance, taxi and limousine repair, tire repair and replacement, oil change, auto repair,  and much more

Our Facility

“We are a complete one-stop auto repair facility.  You don’t have to bring your car here for part of the work and somewhere else for the rest.  We do it all. 

To fix today’s cars, you need specialized tools and equipment.  We have all the latest high-tech equipment – we need it to do our job.  And we are constantly updating our equipment.  We also enjoy fixing the older cars

Our Company

Your car is a huge investment, and making sure it’s in top shape is important. Huracan Automotive specializes in the care of your automobile, helping to maximize its performance. Regular car maintenance is crucial for making sure your vehicle is working properly. It is our goal to provide the best service and care, ensuring high-quality work and auto parts.

We pride ourselves on being some of the best, most well-renowned mechanics in town.

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